About Us

Shay and Dean are the creatives behind the fresh and innovative design brand ‘The Wild Creatives’. They have developed a great sense of team in their approach to design, having been together for nearly 15 years (and married nearly 10 years!).

The pair made their mark on Channel Nine’s The Block with clean lines, light design, and a particular focus on high end finishes, resulting in Shay and Dean winning the most room reveals on their season and then taking home the top prize as winners of The Block. 

The Wild Creatives evolved as a place for Shay and Dean's creative nature to be free spirited. Shay and Dean have a no rules approach to creative thinking and innovative living. Their design approach is based on the mind being allowed to dream wildly and wander endlessly.

With an ever evolving vision, Shay and Dean create and design products and spaces that are edgy and refined, yet still exude a sense of creative play and adventure.