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Adulting and Preparing a Third Birthday Party

It’s no secret that life is busy and we struggle at times to fit it all in, being a parent, work, and just all round trying to adult like a boss (I know people like this and I am not one of them). I have days where I just don’t want to get out of bed, let alone organise myself and a small child, do the washing, work, and get dinner on the table. So trying to organise an Instagram worthy birthday party just seems like bloody hard work, but we do it anyway. Truthfully we know if we don’t post it on Instagram someone else will and if it's not awesome you will look like you totally suck at...

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Our Quirks

We have been MIA for a few weeks. We have been working on some new ideas. Part of TWC is about sharing who we are and our little 'big' life together. We have quirks and funny little things that make us 'us', so here's to sharing some of these....   Shay....   My favourite colours are Tiffany blue and blush pink.  Churros and chocolate are my weakness.  I love wearing heels.  I used to be afraid of the dark but I now pump myself up by saying things like 'come and get me, I'll take you down' when I get up in the middle of the night. My sport of choice would be dancing but I also love to run...

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