Our Quirks

We have been MIA for a few weeks. We have been working on some new ideas. Part of TWC is about sharing who we are and our little 'big' life together. We have quirks and funny little things that make us 'us', so here's to sharing some of these....




My favourite colours are Tiffany blue and blush pink. 

Churros and chocolate are my weakness. 

I love wearing heels. 

I used to be afraid of the dark but I now pump myself up by saying things like 'come and get me, I'll take you down' when I get up in the middle of the night.

My sport of choice would be dancing but I also love to run and do hot yoga. 

I only ever had cats growing up but I'm definitely a dog person. 

I try not to force my opinions (on purpose) but I am passionate about taking care of the planet and our bodies. 

I hate it when people touch my ears (I'm definitely going to regret sharing this).

Learning feeds my soul. I really enjoy studying. 

I am a perfectionist and my harshest critic. 

I don't think this is much of a secret after our time on The Block but I like to be in control. 

I have a wicked sense of smell which I developed while pregnant with our daughter. 

 I absolutely loved being pregnant, it was my favourite time in my life. Dean called me 'Mother Earth Zen'. 

When I first meet people I am super shy and this is often mistaken for being snobby. 

I love indoor plants but have killed many. 

My all time favourite movie is Beaches, in close second is I Am Legend with Will Smith. 

I'm not a morning person at all. 

I love to give cuddles. 

The car is my stage. I love to sing when I'm driving on my own. 

Whenever I go snowboarding or mountain biking, I try not to look at any fences, otherwise I end up running into them. 

I love reading novels by Nicholas Spark and Elizabeth Gilbert. 

My favourite magazine is Collective Hub. 

I want Everly to feel inspired by my journey. 




I am so proud of my wife and the way she loves me and my daughter. 

How awesome is being a Dad.... It is by far the most incredible adventure. 

I am an early riser. Starting the day as it begins gives me energy. 

I am the electricity police at home and I will find out who left the lights on. 

The world isn't here for us to take it away it's here for us to grow and understand. 

I never wear shoes unless I have to.

Shopping centres freak me out, especially if I'm with Shay. 

'What do you want for dinner?' is one of the most dreaded questions to be asked. 

Being in the wilderness makes me the true person I am. It puts me in my place, its size, balance, and colour blow me away. 

I occasionally leave the toilet seat up. 

Bikes, cars, skateboards, anything that gains speed and pushes my limits, that's me. 

Having great mates that keep you grounded and support you is the best.

I miss my best mate Jakey everyday (our dog, he passed away two weeks before we started The Block). 

Permaculture is the next mission. 

My own farts sometimes really surprise me and especially Shay.

Looking forward to sharing more. 
Be Wild,
Shay and Dean 

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