Summer Love

Sand, sun(screen), and mountain climbs. Our wild adventures continued with our annual summer camping trip. We cherish spending time with family and friends, what better way to do it than unplugging and enjoying nature. 

We enjoyed fun at the lake and Everly learnt how to dive under the water. She had the 'once you pop you can't stop' mentality and spent a whole afternoon diving under. 

The girls (the big girls that is) kept themselves amused for an afternoon on the beach doing handstands and cartwheels. Those shots don't need to be shared hehehe. 


The camping essentials, as mentioned in our previous post, no nasties sunscreen and mozi spray. We could not camp without these two things and I love how safe they are for Dean's, I mean Evy's, delicate skin. 

Dean spent time adventuring in his 4WD; he absolutely loves being immersed in nature and all it has to offer. 


Summer 2015 would not be right without a giant inflatable Pegasus from our friends at FUNBOY. We may have drawn far too much attention to ourselves carting this down the beach, but boy did we have fun. 

We taught Evy about the joys of climbing rocks and collecting sea shells. It's funny how as a child the simplest of things bring so much joy. Even crunching her feet in the sand made her giggle for far too long. It's so nice to share this time rediscovering the world around us through her eyes.  


Stacks on! We couldn't resist the opportunity to be silly, and check out that beach behind us, the most stunning location. The water was warm and the sun was out the whole time we were away, what a blessing. 

Packed up and ready to head back home we tagged our names in the dust on Dean's ute (a bit strange but funny all the same). We couldn't resist one last happy snap to remember what fun it was and what fun it will be again with family and friends by our side. Plenty more adventure to come! 


Be Wild, 

Shay and Dean 

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