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We love hearing about the roots of creativity and so we are bringing you a series of posts about the faces behind creatives brands. Meet Kitty and Al, the masterminds behind the brand fifteenthirtyeight.

We were lucky enough to work with these guys during our time on The Block, they made our wickedly refined, The Nocturnalist, brass and marble side tables for our living room. 

They also helped us win the living room in the challenge apartment with their uber cool, The Modernist, glass coffee table. 


We caught up with Kitty and Al to find out more about their brand. 

Where did it all start for fifteenthirtyeight? Back in 2014, after months of searching for a new coffee table to no avail, we decided to take things into our own hands, literally! Once we finished the table Kitty popped a snap on Instagram and we had friends wanting to get a piece of their own, so we started taking orders!

What do you love about your business? Being able to spend every day doing what we love! It does't feel like work. 

What is the process of making your products; are they Australian made?  Every piece that leaves our studio is hand made by us in Brisbane. Our designs are individually cut and welded, or brazed together, and finished with a powder coat or clear coat. We’re passionate about making our products in Australia and are committed to keeping it that way. 

How does being creative make you feel? It’s a cathartic process for us, a chance to dream and forget about the world. Somehow it is simultaneously energising and relaxing.

What are your other hobbies? Haha! Hobbies? What are they? fifteenthirtyeight is our life/hobby/dream. We live and breath design. I think we drive our friends and family mental as it’s all we talk about. To feed inspiration we love to travel and take in new sights whether it be as far flung as rural Mexico or as close as a new cafe down the road.

Tell us a bit about your life? Our average day is a whirlwind of coffee, steel, and playlists.

How do you feel about collaborating on creative projects? We love to collaborate with other creatives! It’s such a great opportunity to learn and experiment with new ideas and meet talented and inspiring people.

It just so happens we have collaborated with these guys. Head over to our online store to find their products!

What is one thing in life you would like to try that you haven’t yet?

Al: Step inside John Lautner and Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

Kitty: Travel: sip orange juice with snake charmers in Jemaa El-Fna, surf in Ireland, hit the clubs of Berlin, and sleep under the Northern Lights.

Where do you see your business in Five years time? We want to be continuing to grow through new designs, collaborations, and open a showroom/workshop space!

What advice would you give someone starting a creative venture? Make sure you set the business side of things up properly, get professional advice and stay on top of it. Chances are if you’re a natural creative this is the hardest (read most boring) bit. Also, passion in key. If you don’t believe in it no one else will.

What is something you had to learn the hard way when starting your business? Never pose for a ‘fun’ photo. Ever. It will be ridiculous and it will be used no matter what the photographer says.

A bit like this? 

So these guys a pretty cool and we are claiming them as friends. Hoping this post inspires creativity. 


Be Wild, 

Shay x

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