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Shay and Dean | The Wild Creatives

A day of fishing to a two year old is like a Contiki tour for twenty year olds. We get caught up in the craziness of life and the business of expectations, making most of us crave adventure and excitement. 

Often we feel the need to plan a big overseas holiday or jump from a plane to find adventure. There are simple adventures we can take to feel that sense of excitement and fun; a little outdoor fun and a fishing trip is one of these. 


Evy was so excited about the prospects of fishing that she gigged the entire morning as Dean planned their day. They explored our garage to find our fishing rods and they packed their lunch together while discussing what colour fish they might catch. 

The excitement and sense of adventure that filled our house was one only a two year old can bring, however, truthfully Dean was having just as much fun. 

When we feel the urge to be wild and free, think of something from your childhood and create an afternoon of redsicovery. 

Shay xo

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