Adulting and Preparing a Third Birthday Party

It’s no secret that life is busy and we struggle at times to fit it all in, being a parent, work, and just all round trying to adult like a boss (I know people like this and I am not one of them). I have days where I just don’t want to get out of bed, let alone organise myself and a small child, do the washing, work, and get dinner on the table. So trying to organise an Instagram worthy birthday party just seems like bloody hard work, but we do it anyway. Truthfully we know if we don’t post it on Instagram someone else will and if it's not awesome you will look like you totally suck at adulting. Plus we want our kids to have the birthday they deserve, one filled with laughter and fun. 


Ok so I have digressed just a little, back to the topic at hand. We had a huge week leading up to Everly’s party. We had been working in Melbourne all week and flew home the night before her party. Luckily I managed to source most things online and from one big session at Kmart (this is not a sponsored post, I literally just happened to find most things in the one store). 


We hadn’t really planned a theme, so instead we went with pastel colours that Everly loves. We wanted to create an ‘unplugged party’ where kids played in the park and enjoyed the kind of games we did as kids. We had a pass the parcel filled with lots of loud annoying prizes in each wrap and a few match box cars because thats what Everly really wanted. We had potato sack races (there wasn’t one child at the party who knew what these were). The adults most certainly remembered potato sack races from their childhood (remember going to your parent's work picnics?) and so we had mum and dad races where no one was competitive at all (insert sarcasm). 


I called on some friends to help me with the food (thanks Katie and Shar) and I did my best to annoy my friends and their kids by having nasty free food. We enjoyed fruit salad cups, veg dips, and a raw vegan caramel cake from LuvSuperfoods. To be fair, there were some natural lollies full of sugar (these didn’t last long with nearly twenty kids around). 


Well that was an honest account of preparing a third birthday party with limited time and not too much stress. I did high five myself and feel like I successfully adulted. 


Be Wild, 

Shay xo 

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